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Animals You should be glad are Extinct

Conservationists have been trying for years to save endangered animals for many years. The last animal to come close to extinction was White African Rhino. Though there were animals in history who are extinct for the greater good. if they were here, it would have been very difficult. In prehistoric times, there were large bears, snakes and even large slothes.

 Extinct Animals


Deinosuchus was a giant alligator that lived almost 80 million years ago. Remains of some crocodiles are 50 feet long and researches believe that it must weight more than 2 ton.

Giant Bear

Giant Bears lived 11000 years ago and they were quite large compared to the bears that live now. Fossils suggest that these bears were 15 feet tall if they stood on their hind legs and almost 6 feet tall if they were on all four.


Gigantopithecus were giant apes that existed 9 million years ago and even 1000 years back. If you are thinking of King Kong, you might be disappointed but yes they were huge. They were almost 10 feet tall and weighed about 500-600 kg. Scientists say that they were the largest primates that ever lived.


You must know about Sloth, that small slow-motion lazy animal who lives on trees. What if it was not so slow and not so small. Well Megatherium were giant elephant sized slothes who lived on ground. They were among the largest ground mammels that ever lived. Some palaeontologists suggest that they were 20 feet tall and weighed around 4 ton. They were herbivorous much like our present day sloth.

Sabre Tooth Cats

Sabre Tooth Cats is the name given to a range of animals of cat species who had long claw like external tooth. These animals were predators and existed about 42 million years ago. Smilodon or sabre toothed tiger is a subspecies of the genre but contarary to the name, it was not a tiger but looked more like a muscular leopard with short tail.


Spinosaurus was a carnivorous dinosaur that lived primarily in the North African region about 72 million years ago. It is called Spino-saurus due to a 2 meter high sail on its back, right where its spine would be.


Titanoboa is the name given to a group of large snakes that are now extinct. Early fossils and remains of these snakes suggest that present day Anacondas would look like midgets in front of these super snakes. Their length ranged from 30-45 feet and could weigh as much as a ton.


Tyrannosaurus-Rex or T-rex is possibly the most famous dinosaur among movie-goers, also some diggers. These large hunters lived in the upper Cretaceous Period, 68 to 66 million years ago. T-Rex was one the most ferocious animals of his time and it is estimated to have exerted the largest bite force among all terrestrial animals. They were 40 feet in length and weighed around 15 tonnes.

Woolly Mammoth

These giant forefathers of elephants lived around 4500 years ago and were the last species of mammoths. Unlike our present day elephants who have a few hair strands on body, wooly mammoths were covered in hair which protected them from harsh cold conditions.

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