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Vintage Cars That Are Still Not Old

There are top notch cars available now with every possible comforts there are. There are strong engines with fuel efficiency and latest technology. Then there are old cars which never get old. Some features which are old aged still look fine. These cars were creating history in their time and now they are part of that history.

 Vintage Cars

BMW 600

BMW 600 is loosely based on BMW Isetta but is a four seater. It was first launched in 1957 and only about 34000 units were sold before its discontinuation in 1959. 600 had a front door and a front suspension. As the name suggests, it had a 600 cc (582 in actual) engine.

Buick Special 1955

This car was manufactured by General Motors under upscale brand name Buick. This 1955 edition of Buick special series was a 4 door Sedan. Special nailhead V8 engines were used post 1954. These were also the first four-door pillarless hardtops ever produced. Buick Special was America's best selling motor series.

Hudson 1921

Hudson was a household name in the early 1900s and it produced many classics. The 1921 model was specifically liked by the masses. The 1920 was model was remodelled and introduced with new interior design and steering wheel. It had two-wheel mechanical brakes and a 289 cubic-inch six-cylinder engine. The car was used by the San Francisco Police for quite some time.

Mercedes Benz 220S

It is easy to mistake it with Mercedes W180, but a closer look will tell that W180 has four doors, for a start and then there are many other dissimilarities. 220S was an upgrade to the earlier 220A. Three bumpers of 220A were replaced by single-piece bumper. The car came with 4-speed column shift manual transmission and automatic clutch.

Porsche 356

Porsche 356 was a luxury sports car manufactured by austrian motor ace Porsche. It was company's first production automobile. It had a rear-engine with rear wheel drive. It had two doors. Only about 76000 cars were made, out of which almost half are still believed to have survived.

Shelby AC Cobra

Cobra was one among the most famous sports cars of its time. It sported a Ford V8 engine. Shelby was looking for a car that could fit v8 engines and so they contacted AC Cars company. AC went to Chevrolet but they refused to produce one. Then Ford helped produce the engine. Cobra was sold both in the US and UK market.

Volkswagen Beetle Bug

Volkswagen's Beetle is a classic and is often called by its nickname Bug. Its first line was produced in 1938 and millions of its units were produced until 2003. Later models of Beetle popularized the front-wheel drive. Last Beetle was produced in Mexico.

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