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The Great Migration of Serengeti and Masai Mara

Every year Serengeti National Park of Tanzania and Masai Mara National Park of Kenya witness an outstanding event where thousands of grazing animals cross from one side to another. A large portion of this large herd consists of wildebeest but Zebras and Deers come along in large numbers. It is one of a kind event and is witnessed by many visitors and wildlife specialists.

 Great Migration

The Beginning

This event starts every year at almost the same time in the months between Januray-March. An estimated 1.7 million wildebeests take part in this migration. It is a natural chase of better grazing grounds which changes from time to time.

Life and Death

It is also the calving season. Around 500,000 calves are born during the movement and almost 2,50,000 animals die due to hunger, thirst, injuries and falling prey to predators.

The Others

Other animals that take this journey along with wildebeests are Zebras and Gazelle deers. Near about 2,50,000 zebras and 4,50,000 gazelles join the wildebeest party.

The Route

The migration starts from the southern end of Serengeti and goes clockwise towards the North, where it enters Masai Mara in Kenya.

Mara and Grumeti Rivers

By the time rains stop in May, the herd crosses the crossing of Mara and Grumeti rivers.

The River Crossing

This is another spectacular event where animals try to cross the rivers and the crocodiles attack these animals while they do it. Numerous animals die during the crossing. Some get washed away and some are pulled in by crocodiles.

The Feast

This migration serves as good source of food for the carnivores. Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards,Wild Dogs, Hyenas and other predators track these animals from heights and hunt them. The newly born calves are easy targets.

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