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The Best Predators of The World

Forests, oceans and air are filled with ferocious predators, animals which are prolific hunters. Some hunt in packs and some are solitary hunters. There are many carnivorous animals in the animal kingdom but a few are hunters and among those few there are some who succeed in most of their attempts.

 Top Predators

African Wild Dog

African Wild Dogs are among the best hunters of Africa. They hunt in packs. They are known to have eaten an adult sized buffalo in minutes time. They have sharp teeth and can chase their preys for miles. Wild Dogs are also found in parts of India.

Bengal Tiger

When it comes to predators of the cat family, Tigers are among the best predators. They are strong and agile and it gives them advantage over their prey. Despite its heavy structure, tigers can run fast and can jump long distances. One tiger in India is known to have jumped and struck a visitor on the back of an elephant.


Cougars are also called Mountain lions. Their habitat spreads throughout American continent. It is an ambush predator and surprise element is one of its strongest points. It is solitary and territorial by nature. It could hunt down a deer and eats anything from rabbits to rodents.

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle is considered the King of Birds, it is the apex predator is line of birds. It could see a prey from miles above and could come down and strike with high velocity. It is dark-brown in color with golden plumage on their napes. They have large territories, as wide as 200 sq Km. Its wingspan could reach anywhere between 6-8 feet. It has sharp talons which could easily slice meat. Their diet includes other birds, snakes, rodents, rabbits and even deers.

Polar Bear

Polar bears are large carnivorous animals and are found in and around the Arctic. Polar bears have evolved with time and have paws built to hold on ice. They could fast on snow and swim in the waters as well. It is the apex predator in the Arctic. Seals are known to hide behind ice sheets when sea water freezes and breath through holes made in the surface. Polar Bears wait around these holes and catch seals when they come up to breath.

Salt Water Crocodile

Salt Water Crocodile is the largest reptile and the largest predator in the same category. Unlike the fresh water crocodiles, this particular species can live in salty waters and brackish mangrove swamps as well. It is an opportunistic predator, it nears the predator slowly and then attacks it. It has a high biting strengh and pulls the preys into water to drown them. Salt Water Crocodiles are considered the most dangerous crocodiles along with Nile crocodiles.

White Shark

White Sharks have a bad name when it comes to merciless predators. These hunters bite their preys so hard that they usually tear off parts of body away. Sharks are excellent swimmers and can chase its preys at high speed. They could sense blood in water from miles away.


Wolves are pack hunters. There are many species of wolves around the world namely grey wolf, arctic wolf, Eurasian wolf, Indian wolf and many more subspecies. Wolves are counted among the best hunters.

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