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Vegan Surprising-His Instagram Fans With His Stunning Desserts And Breakfasts

A 16-year-old vegan teen, from on Bored Panda. He has almost 750k followers on Instagram because of his colorful and fun vegan food. Jose's motto is "Life is too short to eat boring food" so it makes sense that boy creates many different colorful food designs. His main shareable meals are smoothies, pies, and popsicles, mostly from frozen fruit and coconut milk.

 Stunning Desserts And Breakfasts

Chocolate Banana pops...

Image Source: instagram

Stunning Designs Of colorful ice candy

Image Source: instagram

variety of chocolate spoon...

Image Source: instagram

Beautiful desserts Overload of chocolate roll

Image Source: instagram

Gorgeous Blueberry cake

Image Source: instagram

Stunningly beautiful desserts

Chocolate drinks...

rainbow colors candy

Beautiful colorful gorgeous cake

Image Source: instagram

Beautiful desserts watermelon Cubes

Image Source: instagram

Yummy delicious drink desserts

Image Source: instagram

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