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Strange Games Around The World

Sports have always been an integral part of human life and there are games like Soccer and Chess which are being played for centuries. However there are a few games which have not been in limelight. Few people or the natives know about such games and there are some games which are slowly gaining popularity.

 Strange Games

Cheese Rolling

Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling is a local English game where a round block of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down a hill and competitors go down chasing it. The cheese block weighs 9 pounds. The first one to cross the finishing line wins.

Chess Boxing

Berlin, Germany is the birthplace of this strange mixture. As the name suggests, both boxing and Chess are played one after the other. The game is played in 11 rounds where, 6 rounds are of Chess and 5 rounds are of Boxing.


The egg tossing game is played in view of Easter festival, which marks the rebirth of man at Easter. The game involves throwing eggs on the ground, without breaking them.

Extreme Ironing

Exterme Ironing is among the most strange games. It is an extreme sport where contestants carry ironing boards to differenet places while doing some sort of activity. The contestants have to iron clothes while cycling, skiing, climbing, on top of statues. The game could involve almost any kind of activities along with ironing clothes.

Sepak Takraw

Sepak takraw is also called Kick Volleyball. It is similar to volleyball but the players cannot use their hands to hit the ball. Instead, they kick and use other parts of their body to pass the ball to the other side of the net. A small woven ball of fibre is used.

Shin Kicking

Shin Kicking is also called Hacking. English people like to think of this combat game as a form of martial art. The game involves players kicking each other on shins, trying to force other player on ground.

Underwater Hockey

Octopush is a form of hockey played underwater. Two teams compete against each other to gain control of a puck and pushing it into opponent's goal. Players make use of a small hockey stick to handle the puck.

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