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Schwerin Schloss - Neuschwanstein of the North

Schwerin Schloss is a centuries old Palace located on an island in Schweriner See lake, in Schwerin city of Germany. The palace is in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state and thus early dukes and grand dukes of Mechlenburg have lived there for centuries. The traces of this castle were found even in the 10th century. A fire in 1913 damaged a large part of the palace, it was later restored. The castle has since served as a museum and a seat of the state parliament. It is soon to become a World Heritage Site.

 Schwerin Schloss - Neuschwanstein of the North

Ages Old Castle

Early mentions of Schwerin were found around 10th century in 973 AD. There are records of Polabian Slav tribe having a fort in the same place.

Aerial View of Schwerin Palace

The Palace is located on an island in Schweriner See lake

Schlossbruecke Schwerin Bridge

This front view of Palace shows a connecting bridge as well.

Top View Of Schwerin Palace

Architect Ghert Evert Piloot completely rebuilt the palace. The plan, however, was dropped in view of the Thirty Years' War

Image Source: Imgur

Beautiful Gardens of Schwerin Palace

A small statue can be seen erected in the garden of the palace.

Image Source: Pinimg

Front view of the Palace

Schwerin Palace and its gardens as seen from the South

Schwerin Schloss Orangerie

The orangery of Schwerin Castle was built in 1853.

View from West

Schwerin Palace as seen from the Western end of the Lake

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