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Lesser Known Landmarks and Monuments of World

There are many places and monuments in the world that are famous and known to most of the people but there are some architectural marvels that are not so famous. Some buildings are known for their designs, others are known for the history assciated with them.


Antwerp Office Building, Belgium

This architechtural marvel rests at Antwerp in Belgium. It is though an office building but the design is outstanding. Antwerp is one of the busiest ports in the whole world.

Cologne Cathedral, Germany

Cologne Cathedral at Germany is a monument of German Catholicism times. It is a World Heritage Site. It is Germany's most visited landmark.

Jefferson Memorial Washington DC

Thomas Jefferson is called the founding father of USA and this presidential monument is named after him. The monument is dedicated to the founding fathers who were the main drafter and writer of the Declaration of Independence.

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum is located at French capital Paris and is world's largest art museum. It is also a historic monument of its kind. It is located on the banks of Seine river.

Palais Des Papes building

Palais Des Papes is a historical building in Souhtern France. This building is one of the largest buildings based on Gothic Architechture. It was earlier a fort.

Phare du Petit Minou

Phare du Petit Minou, is a famous lighthouse in French commune Plouzane. It shows the path to arriving ships.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart

Fernsehturm Stuttgart is a Television tower in Berlin, Germany. It was contructed during 1960s by the then german Democratic Republic. This tower was the first telecommunications tower in the world constructed from reinforced concrete.

Walt Disney Center Concert Hall

Walt Disney Center Concert Hall in Los Angeles is known for its outlandish architecture. It has a large hall hwich could seat almost 2200 people at a time. It was funded by Disney as a token of gratitude towards art and culture of the city.

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