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Chernobyl Shot With Infrared Photography

Infrared filters are known for creating a weird, eerie mood in pictures, no matter what you’re capturing. That is why taking a filter like that to an already haunting-looking place like Chernobyl might make the scenery pictures you take look even more impressive. Photographer Vladimir Migutin did just that on his trip to the town in Ukraine that suffered the infamous nuclear disaster

 Chernobyl Shot With  Infrared Photography

Bumper Cars

ImageSource kolarivision

Bumper Cars In Pripyat’s Amusement Park


ImageSource kolarivision

Butterflies And Flowers In The Forest, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Exclusion Zone

ImageSource kolarivision

A Lake Within The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Ghost Town

ImageSource kolarivision

The Ghost Town Of Pripyat, Ukraine

Grand Piano

ImageSource kolarivision

The Rotting Grand Piano In The Concert Hall Of The Abandoned Town Of Pripyat

Human Friendly

ImageSource kolarivision

Simon – A Human-Friendly Fox, Whom Often Approaches Groups In The Exclusion Zone, Asking For Food


ImageSource kolarivision

The Iconic 26 Meters Tall Ferris Wheel In Pripyat’s Amusement Park

References : Boredpanda

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