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Pointlessly Gendered Products That We Can’t Believe Exist

Gender has been a hotly debated topic for some time now. For some people this is great, in-depth discussions about the injustices and societal imbalances caused by outdated gender norms are long overdue. For others it is unnecessary, virtue-signaling nonsense that gets in the way of more pressing issues. If you have any doubts about gender, just look inside your pants and carry on with your life

 Pointlessly Gendered Products That We Can’t Believe Exist

Bath Bomb


When Your Masculinity Is Too Fragile But You Want A Bath Bomb

Books In Harrods


Books In Harrods Children's Section

Boy Or An Apricot


Are You A Boy Or An Apricot

Classic Gender


Ah, The Classic Gender Binary: Men And Shoes

Daughter Not Impressed


My Superhero Loving 7-Year-Old Daughter Not Impressed When She Spotted This Sign In Tesco Today



Knitting Is Only Manly If It's Done On Horseback. What?

Same Kind Of Teeth


I Forgot That Men And Women Didn't Have The Same Kind Of Teeth

References :Boredpanda

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