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Include Their Dogs Into Their Wedding

Gil and Luna, like many couples, love their dogs and want to include them in everything they do. Their wedding is no exception, but how to incorporate them tastefully? Making wedding puppy portraits is the easy solution, get them nicely groomed and snap away. But Gil and Luna went for something more imaginative than that. Einstein, a 3-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and Chimney, a 10-year-old Jack Russell and Pug mix, were forever immortalized as part of the topper for the couple’s gorgeous wedding cake, and they are just too cute!

 Include Their Dogs Into Their Wedding

cake toppers

ImageSource intothestory

So they decided to make personalised cake toppers in their honor


ImageSource twitter

It turns out that there is an increasing trend for this kind of thing, as more and more people seek to doggify their big day

everything to us

ImageSource laurievalko

dogs are everything to us if we had them when we got married we would have included them in the wedding

Gil and Luna

ImageSource intothestory

Gil and Luna wanted to incorporate their beloved dogs into their wedding

I Do Too

ImageSource caratsandcake

The one with the doggie figurine holding the "I do too!" sign melted my heart

married again

ImageSource flickr

This almost makes me want to get married again. Almost....

My good

ImageSource reddit

“My good friend and his wife have four dogs they used to live with in a one bed in Brooklyn”

References : Boredpanda

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