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5 of The Deepest Lakes in the World

When one thinks of deep waters, we tend to think of Oceans and trenches, like the deepest trench Mariana trench. But a few fresh water lakes are so deep that they beat the oceans. Some of these lakes host a variety of species of fishes and other aquatic animals that are not found anywhere else.

 Lake O Higgins

O'Higgins/San Martin Lake

The deepest lake in the American continent is called O'Higgins in Chile and Martin in Argentina. The lake has the maximum depth of 836 metres (2,743 ft). The waters of this lake has a light blue milky color due to suspended rock flour particles.

Lake Vostok

Lake Vostok is the deepest Lake in Antarctica beneath Russia's Vostok Station. The lake is spread in total area of 12,500 km square (4,830 sq mi) and is 900 m (3,000 ft) deep. It is a subglacial lake.

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Caspian Sea, Eurasia

Caspian Sea is world's largest lake, also the largest enclosed body of water. It borders the nation of Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan. The lake is also located on one of the lowest natural depressions on Earth. The lake is also known for its high salt content. Caspian Sea has a maximum depth of 1,025 m (3,360 ft).

Lake Tanganyika, Africa

Lake Tanganyika in Africa, is the world's longest freshwater lake and second largest by volume. The lake borders Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Burundi and Zambia. Lake Tanganyika is also called African Great Lake. The water from the lake flows into Congo river and ultimately into Atlantic Ocean. It has a maximum depth of 1,470 m (4,820 ft).

Lake Baikal, Siberia

Lake Baikal is world's deepest and largest lake by volume. It is estimated to contain almost a quarter of world's fresh surface water. It has a maximum depth of maximum depth of 1,642 m (5,387 ft). Baikal is said to be about 25-30 million years old and thus considered world's oldest lake. Baikal was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the range of unique species of bird and aquatic animals it hosts.

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