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Airlines That Will Surprise You

If you spend a lot of time flying, you know how exhausting it can sometimes get; spending long hours in the air and even longer ones at the airport really take a toll. Today, however, we'd like to show you that traveling the skies don't have to be a drag. our site has collected a list of some of airports and airlines that went the extra mile to better the lives of their customers, and it will make you want to book a ticket ASAP

 Airlines That Will Surprise You

Airport In Helsinki

ImageSource reddit

A Sign By The Airport In Helsinki

Canadian Airports

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In Canadian Airports The Have "Pre-Board Pals" Which Are Dogs Near Boarding Zones To Relax You Before You Fly

Christmas Surprise

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Christmas Surprise By Airline. Upon Arriving At The Airport, The Passenger Luggage Was Nowhere To Be Found. Instead, Gift Boxes Filled The Conveyor Belt With The Passengers Names On It. The Actual Luggage Followed After All The Gifts Were Sent Out

Flight Is Delayed

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My Flight Is Delayed, So The Delta Staff Brought Us All Hot Pizza And Soda

Flight To Iceland

ImageSource reddit

Our Flight To Iceland Had 'Northern Light' Effect Cabin Lights

New Zealand Airport

ImageSource reddit

No One Is Prepared For The New Zealand Airport

Short Stories For You

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At This Airport, They Have A Machine That Will Print Off Free Short Stories For You To Read While You Wait

References : Boredpanda

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