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Argentina National Route 40

National Route 40, also known as RN40 or "Ruta 40" is a route in western Argentina, stretching from Punta Loyola near Rio Gallegos in Santa Cruz Province in the south to La Quiaca in Jujuy Province in the north. The route parallels the Andes mountains. The southern part of the route, a largely unpaved road through sparsely populated territory, has become a well-known adventure tourism journey, although there are plans to pave the whole road.

 Argentina National Route 40

Abra del Acay

Abra del Acay (elevation 5,061 metres (16,604 ft)) in Salta Province

Ruta 40 grave

Gauchito Gil altar National Route 40 in Argentina

Ruta 40 Northern Argentina

Interesting geology on Ruta 40, in Argentina

Beautiful veiw in Ruta 40 Argentina

RN40 in northern Santa Cruz province

Ruta 40 With bike

Ruta 40 and a Kawasaki KLR 650 in Argentina

Expansive landscape on Ruta 40

Expansive landscape on Ruta 40 in Northern Argentina

Ruta National 40 Argentina

National Route 40, San Juan Province

RN40 continues south to Pareditas

National RN40 in south of Santa Cruz province

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