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Imperfections of the World’s Greatest Role Models

People tend to learn from success stories of influential people but sometimes these personalities too have little speedbumps in their stories. Find out below how greatest visionaries of the world succeeded despite some shortcomings.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was the 6th President of Pennsylvania and an influential personality. He is called the Founding Father of USA. Despite a successful career Franklin has been unsuccessful with women. He was married to Deborah Read but was involved with 11 other women. Franklin believed that trying to be perfect was more important than actually being perfect.
Benjamin Franklin

Albert Einstein

The German physicist who instrumented the theory of relativity was rather unsuccessful with relationships. His marriages continued to fail. One of his friend quoted an incident where he found Einstein cooking, reading a book and handling a small baby at the same time. Nevertheless, he was successful in scientific discoveries.
Image Source: Wikimedia

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale is called the founder of modern nursing and one of the most famous people from the Victorian era. During the Crimean War, she arranged for the nursing of wounded soldiers. But there's one incident from the past which apparently tainted her nursing career. It is believed that she was in charge of the management of a hospital in Scutari and due to her lack of knowledge about the sanitation needs, the hospital got ridden with lethal diseases. Soldiers died in big numbers from those diseases. Despite this incident she continued to care for the wounded with the same passion.
Image Source: Wikimedia

Henry Ford

Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, made expensive motor-cars accessible to everyone. He was a disciplined man and he never could overlook faults. His workers seemed largely unhappy with him. They were not allowed to talk, sing or whistle and had a small 15 minutes lunch-break. Though some believe that it is a fault of leadership, Ford succeeded anyways.
Image Source: Wikimedia

Walt Disney

A pioneer of the American animation industry, Walt Disney was a chain-smoker. He used to smoke heavily and fell prey to lung cancer later. Though he succumbed to the cancer, he was able to achieve a lot by the age of 65. His character Micky Mouse reminds us of what happy jolly man Walt Disney was.
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