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Wonderful Images of Women Across the World

Women symbolize strength and endurance and the same is showcased with these pictures taken across the Globe. From Students, to businesswomans, to aspiring atheletes these women exibit various traits of Independent and confident women of present day.

# Beauty Of Azerbaijan #

Azerbaijani women need to seek permission from their husbands before getting clicked, though this Girl came on strong and posed firmly before the camera.
Yash Chopra

# Paris, France #

This budding French girl wishes to open an art gallery someday.
Yash Chopra

# Beauty of Iran #

Mahsa is a financially independent graphic designer in ordhodox regime of Iran
Yash Chopra

# Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia #

This Mongolian girl is in the traditional deel attire
Yash Chopra

# Nampan, Myanmar #

An old Burmese lady at a vegetable market
Yash Chopra

# Kathmandu, Nepal #

This colorful girl was celebrating Holi, the festival of colors.
Nepali Girl enjoying holi

# Korolyov, Russia #

This beautiful Russian girl is an aspiring Photographer. May be next time she would be on the other side of the Camera.
Yash Chopra

# Berlin, Germany #

This German traveler likes to take the road less travelled.
Yash Chopra

# Cuenca, Ecuador #

Gazing through her pile of crockeries and edibles.
Yash Chopra

# Ethiopia #

She is a Muslim and her Best Friend, Another Young woman who owns this small Terrace, is a Christian. The Beauty of Ethiopia lies within this diverse but strong bond.

# Chichicastenango, Guatemala #

This old lady carries big burdens happily
Yash Chopra

# Kathmandu, Nepal #

This Nepali women beautifully drapes and carries her child on her back
Yash Chopra

# Belgium #

Lost the Limb, Not her Will
Yash Chopra

# Tibet #

This beautiful mother-of-two likes to wear her Jewelry all the time.
Yash Chopra

# Pushkar, India #

This young Indian Policeman wishes to serve her country with all her strength.
Yash Chopra

# Refugee Camp, Greece #

This Mother-Daughter trio has escaped the horrors of Syrian Civil war and are looking for a new Home
Yash Chopra

# Reykjavik, Iceland #

This Icelandic girl draped in warm clothes is working towards bringing native girls together.
Yash Chopra

# Kurdistan #

This young Yezidi girl barely managed to escape the attack by ISIS on her village. Yezidi women were the worst affected by the infiltration of militants.
Yash Chopra

# Tbilisi, Georgia #

This young Georgian law student looking past the glass wishes to became a criminologist
Yash Chopra

# Idomeni, Greece #

This confident Iraqi mother crossed oceans to take her children to safety and away from reach of ISIS.
Yash Chopra

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