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These Are The Best Ones Clicked in 2 Million Photos Of Barack Obama By His Photographer

Barack Obama is coming towards the End of his Leadership, After Eeight years in Office as the First President of the United States of America. He will officially step down in January 2017 after two terms in the Oval Office.
# 1. Barack Obama enjoying a peach
eating a peach
# 2. The President greets Custodian Lawrence Lipscomb with a fist bump
fist bumping greets
# 3. Obama enjoys a good laugh ahead of his appearance at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
jimmy fallon starring tonight
# 4. Obama kisses First Lady, Michelle Obama, for the “kiss cam”
kissing michelle first lady
# 5. The President has dinner with members of the public who wrote letters to him in Denver, Colorado
obama picture colorado
# 6. President Obama puts his toe on the scale as trip director, Marvin Nicholson weighs himself
standing on weighing scale
# 7. Barack Obama playfully runs with his family dog, Bo
running with dog
# 8. The President greets Prince George, who is in a bath robe
saying hello harry junior
# 9. Obama plays with a toddler Spiderman
spider man spiderman
# 10. The President plays with the Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhode's daughter, Ella Rhodes
playing with child
# 11. Son of a White House staff member pats Obama on the head
house staff pats obama
# 12. Barack and Michelle share a private moment while others try "not to look"
barack and michelle
# 13. Obama with former President of the US, George Bush and Bill Clinton
obama president US
# 14. Obama watches the screening of Men in Black 3 with service members and their families in the White House Family Theatre
Official White House Photo
# 15. Barack and Michelle dance at the Governors' Ball in 2009
Michelle dance Governors Ball
# 16. Obama plays football in the Oval Office
Obama plays football
# 17. Obama rides back to his family quarters after attending the Inauguration Day 2009
Obama rides back
# 18. Obama celebrates New Year Day by taking a dip in the ocean in his native state Hawaii, back in 2012
Obama celebrates New Year
# 19. Obama being goofy with kids as he loves to be around them
Obama being goofy
# 20. Obama walks across the Rose Garden of the White House
Rose Garden the White House
# 21. President Obama walks inside the White House
walks inside the White House
# 22. Obama brings twin boys of Katie Beirne Fallon, Director of Legislative Affairs, into the Oval Office
Director of Legislative Affairs
# 23. Obama's wave aligns with a beautiful rainbow as he boards Air Force One
beautiful rainbow boards Air
# 24. Obama sits for a 3D portrait being produced by the Smithsonian Institution
Obama sits for 3D portrait
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