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Soviet Era Health Spas

What was once a mighty Empire, almost 25 years later, it no longer exists but there are still some monumental buildings, especially Sanatorium or Health Spas, that were spread across the USSR before its disintegration. Though the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, its markings are clearly visible across all 15 countries. Photographer Michal Solarski went across a few countries such as Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan and even newly separated Crimea, to find out the order of Soviet Era Sanatoriums. He found out that 25 years of time has not made much impact on the state of these old health spas and that people still visit there to relax and to get treated. Though the treatment is done with old traditional equipment, the patients seem to trust the methods completely. The architecture, interiors and statues of late leaders reminds one of the lost era.

Sterilisation Lamp Treatment

Aurora Sanatorium in Kyrgyzstan still stands tall and works fine. Two old ladies are seen getting treatment through an old soviet era Sterilization Lamp

 Old Ladies Getting Therapy

Rodina Sanatorium, Crimea

Ultra-high frequency therapy is used at Rodina Sanatorium to contain the effects of Sinusitis.

The Master Of Hall

Foros Sanatorium in Crimea is still well maintained but no longer runs the health spa. It has turned into an Auditorium where Circus groups perform their acts.

Radioactive Treatment

Khoja Obi Garm Sanatorium in Tajikistan is among the few remaining Radioactive treatment centers and has been operational since the Soviet era.

A Dip Before Workout

Aurora Sanatorium in Kyrgyzstan houses a Pool along with a Gymnasium. A Kyrgyz wrestler is seen waiting to swim before heading for a work out.

Mishor Sanatorium, Crimea.

This Young patient is getting Electrotherapy for his nasal ailments, at Mishor Sanatorium of Crimea

Hotel Foros Sanatorium

Foros Sanatorium in Crimea is famous among the locals and outsiders as well. A hotel is run at the Santorium.

Open Sea

Mishor Sanatorium in Crimea is on the shores of Black Sea.

Gazing Through The Mountains

Khoja Obi Garm Sanatorium in Tajikistan is built near a beautiful valley across mountains. It is in the Gissar mountain range.

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