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Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras (born August 12, 1971) is a Retired American Tennis Player widely Regarded as one of the Greatest in the History of the Sport
Pete Sampras Greatest in History of Sport
Pete Sampras was a Right-handed Player with a one-handed Backhand and a Powerful, Precise Serve that Earned him the Nickname "Pistol Pete".
Pete Sampras Right-handed Player with a one-handed Backhand and a Powerful Precise Serve Nickname Pistol Pete
Pete Sampras was a right-handed player with a one-handed backhand and a powerful, precise serve that Earned him the nickname "Pistol Pete".
#3 Classic Final between Pete Sampras and Boris Becker 1996
Pete Sampras Hall of Fame in 2007
Pete Sampras was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007.
Pete Sampras First man to win 14 Grand Slam Singles Titles
Pete Sampras was the First man to win 14 Grand Slam Singles Titles (seven Wimbledon, Five US Open, two Australian Open).
Pete Sampras Won 64 Singles Titles included Seven year-end Championships.
In total, Pete Sampras Won 64 Singles Titles, which also included Seven year-end Championships. He was World No. 1 for a Total of 286 Weeks, including Six Consecutive Year-End No. 1 Rankings From 1993 to 1998.
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