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Orville Wright

Orville Wright is best known for inventing the airplane with his brother, Wilbur Wright.Born On 19 August , 1871 in Dayton, Ohio Orville Wright ( January 30, 1948), was an aviation pioneer and American inventors
Orville Wright best known for inventing  airplane
Orville Wright
Orville Wright and his elder brother Wilbur Wright,were the inventors of the world's first successful airplane On December 17, 1903. who was credited, with inventing and building the world's first successful airplane and making the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight
Orville Wright elder brother Wilbur Wright  inventors  world's first successful airplane
Today, the Wright brothers are considered the "fathers of modern aviation, They subsequently became successful businessmen, filling contracts for airplanes in both Europe and the United States." Orville is also known for developing technology for the U.S. Army. He died in Dayton on January 30, 1948
Wright brothers  considered  fathers of modern aviation
Orville Wright succeeded to the presidency of the Wright Company upon Wilbur's death. Sharing Wilbur's distaste for business but not his brother's executive skills, Orville sold the company in 1915
Orville Wright succeeded  presidency  Wright Company upon Wilbur's death
living at their residence After 42 years on 7 Hawthorn Street, Orville Wright, Katharine and their father, spring of 1914 Milton, moved to Hawthorn Hill,on April 3,1917, Milton died in his sleep , at the age of 88. Up until his death, Milton had been very active, preoccupied with reading, writing articles for religious publications and enjoying his morning walks
Orville Wright, Katharine father, spring  1914 Milton, moved  Hawthorn Hill
Orville Wright had also marched in a Dayton Woman's Suffrage Parade, along with Orville and Katharine Orville made his last flight as a pilot in 1918 in a 1911 "Model B"
Orville  Katharine Orville made last flight pilot
Orville Wright retired from business and became an elder statesman of aviation, serving on various official boards and committees, including the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), predecessor agency to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce (ACCA), predecessor to the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)
Orville Wright retired  business became  elder statesman  aviation
Katharine married Henry Haskell of Kansas City, a former Oberlin classmate, in 1926. Orville was furious and inconsolable, feeling he had been betrayed by Katharine.[149] He refused to attend the wedding or even communicate with her. He finally agreed to see her, apparently at Lorin's insistence, just before she died of pneumonia on March 3, 1929
Orville furious  inconsolable, feeling  betrayed  Katharine
Orville Wright served NACA for 28 years. In 1930, he received the first Daniel Guggenheim Medal established in 1928 by the Daniel Guggenheim Fund for the Promotion of Aeronautics. In 1936, he was elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences
Orville Wright received first Daniel Guggenheim Medal established
On April 19, 1944, the second production Lockheed Constellation, piloted by Howard Hughes and TWA president Jack Frye, flew from Burbank, California, to Washington, D.C. in 6 hours and 57 minutes (2300 mi – 330.9 mph). On the return trip, the airliner stopped at Wright Field to give Orville Wright his last airplane flight, more than 40 years after his historic first flight
On April 19, 1944, second production Lockheed Constellation
Orville Wright last major project was supervising the reclamation and preservation of the 1905 Wright Flyer III, which historians describe as the first practical airplane
Orville Wright last major project supervising
Orville Wright died on January 30, 1948, over 35 years after his brother, following his second heart attack, having lived from the horse-and-buggy age to the dawn of supersonic flight.[153] Both brothers are buried in the family plot at Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio. John T. Daniels, the Coast Guardsman who took their famous first flight photo, died the day after Orville
Orville Wright died  January 30, 1948, over 35 years after  brother
Orville Wright Trivia:
of Fame in 1981
➯ Godfather of actor Robert Cummings
➯ Brother of Wilbur Wright
➯ Inducted with his brother Wilbur into the Alabama Aviation Hall
➯ Invented the first airplane along with his brother Wilbur
Quotes Written By Orville Wright:
➯We came down here for wind and sand, and we have got them
➯In our gliding experiments we had had a number of experiences in which we had landed upon one wing, but the crushing of the wing had absorbed the shock, so that we were not uneasy about the motor in case of a landing of that kind
➯A sudden dart when a little over a hundred feet from the end of the track, or a little over 120 feet from the point at which it rose into the air, ended the flight
➯We left Dayton, September 23, and arrived at our camp at Kill Devil Hill on Friday, the 25th
➯We laid the track on a smooth stretch of ground about one hundred feet north of the new building
➯Isn't it astonishing that all these secrets have been preserved for so many years just so we could discover them
➯In just six weeks from the time the design was started, we had the motor on the block testing its power
➯ We were then satisfied that, with proper lubrication and better adjustments, a little more power could be expected. The completion of the motor according to drawing was, therefore, proceeded with at once
➯The airplane stays up because it doesn't have the time to fall
➯No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris
➯If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true is really true, there would be little hope of advance
➯With twelve horse power at our command, we considered that we could permit the weight of the machine with operator to rise to 750 or 800 pounds, and still have as much surplus power as we had originally allowed for in the first estimate of 550 pounds
➯With all the knowledge and skill acquired in thousands of flights in the last ten years, I would hardly think today of making my first flight on a strange machine in a twenty-seven mile wind, even if I knew that the machine had already been flown and was safe
➯When the motor was completed and tested, we found that it would develop 16 horse power for a few seconds, but that the power rapidly dropped till, at the end of a minute, it was only 12 horse power
➯When the machine had been fastened with a wire to the track, so that it could not start until released by the operator, and the motor had been run to make sure that it was in condition, we tossed a coin to decide who should have the first trial. Wilbur won
➯We estimated that we could make one of four cylinders with 4 inch bore and 4 inch stroke, weighing not over two hundred pounds, including all accessories
➯The course of the flight up and down was exceedingly erratic, partly due to the irregularity of the air, and partly to lack of experience in handling this machine. The control of the front rudder was difficult on account of its being balanced too near the center
➯The ability to do this so quickly was largely due to the enthusiastic and efficient services of Mr. C.E. Taylor, who did all the machine work in our shop for the first as well as the succeeding experimental machines
➯One of the Life Saving men snapped the camera for us, taking a picture just as the machine had reached the end of the track and had risen to a height of about two feet
➯ No data on air propellers was available, but we had always understood that it was not a difficult matter to secure an efficiency of 50% with marine propellers
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