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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser founded and integrated by Mozilla Organization/Foundation and its subsidiary the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is a free browser licensed under Mozilla Public License and is available for MacOS, Windows, Linux operating systems and a mobile version was released for Android devices as well. Firefox was first released on September 23, 2002, as a standalone browser. It was earlier named 'Phoenix'.
Firefox uses web browser engine Gecko and a free, open source, and cross-platform email and chat client named Mozilla Thunderbird, which was again developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox has different System requirements for different operating systems and for mobile phones and other devices. MacOS seems to have the least specifications required to run the Firefox browser.

Mozilla foundation is a non-profit organization located at Mountain View, California. The founders at Mozilla foundation believe that Mozilla's purpose is to promote choice and innovation on the Internet. The logo of Firefox browser has a stylized fox wrapped around something that looks like a planet. Although "Firefox" is usually a common name for the red panda
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American Computer Service Company 'Netscape Communications' created Mozilla Organization. It did so just before Netscape was acquired by AOL (America OnLine). The Mozilla Organization then rewrote the source code for the browser.Phoenix was later renamed as Firefox and released in November 2004. It soon gained popularity and was downloaded 60 million times during the first nine months of its release.
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The Mozilla Corporation
Though Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization, Mozilla Corporation is a taxable entity of Mozilla Corporation and reinvests all of its profits back into the Mozilla projects. It was set up on August 3, 2005 to handle the revenue-related operations of the Mozilla Foundation.
Mozilla firefox
The first version of Phoenix browser, version 0.1, was released on 23rd September 2002 and was codenamed 'Pescadero'. The next version 0.2, codenamed Santa Cruz, was released a week later on 01 October 2002. Firefox's first version after renaming was 'Glendale' (0.6). It had many new features including new default Qute theme, Redesigned Preferences window, Improved Privacy and Bookmarks options, Automatic Image Resizing. The most awaited feature which was added with this new release was Mac OS X compatibility.Latest version of Windows operating system uses 55.0.3 (IA-32) (and higher) version of Firefox, as of September 2017. Similarly, MacOS uses 55.0.3 and 52.3.0esr, Linux (Desktop) uses 55.0.3 (i686), 55.0.3 (x86_64), 52.3.0esr (i686) and other latest compatible versions of Firefox.Current stable version of Firefox used by Android devices is 55.0.2.
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Firefox version 3.5 temporarily became the world's most popular browser when its usage grew to a maximum level of 32%, at the end of 2009. At present Firefox is world's second most popular browser.
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Unofficial ports
Though Firefox has officially announced browser versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux, along with Android devices, Firefox has also been ported to FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OpenIndiana, OS/2 and SkyOS. 'Oracle Solaris Desktop Beijing Team' has ported Firefox to Solaris and OpenSolaris
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At the time of release of Firefox 1.5, it was speculated after a few tests that Firefox was taking longer than other browsers to open and takes up more memory when compared to Internet explorer and other browsers. Developers believed that it was due to the Google Toolbar and older versions of Adblock. In February 2012, Online Publication "Tom's Hardware" tested the performance of Chrome 17, Firefox 10, Internet Explorer 9, Opera 11.61, and Safari 5.1.2 on Windows 7 and concluded that Mozilla's Firefox was the best browser for Windows 7 and it beats Google's Chrome with a marginal difference. Memory usage of Firefox 29, Google Chrome 34, and Internet Explorer 11 were tested in January 2014 and the results indicated that Firefox used the least memory when a substantial number of tabs were open. Mozilla's early founders Netscape were the first to introduce JavaScript in browsers and thus even while re-writing the source code for Firefox, the developers kept using JavaScript along with C++, HTML, C and programming language 'Rust'.
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