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Kate Winslet

(Born 5 October 1975)
Kate and Leonardo have worked together twice
Kate Elizabeth Winslet is an Academy Award Winner English Actress and Former Television Personality. She has Worked in over 40 movies in her 2 Decade Long Career. She is mostly Recognized for her Illustrated role in the Epic Romance-Disaster film 'Titanic'. Kate Winslet was Awarded Academy Award under Best Actress Category for her Role in 'The Reader'. She has Worked in two Movies of the 'The Divergent' Movie Series. Apart from acting, she has been Narrating Children's Stories. Her Narrated Album 'Listen to the Storyteller' Won the Grammy Award Under 'Best Spoken Word Album for Children' Category in 2000

Kate Winslet Early Life and Family

Kate Winslet was born to swimming pool Contractor John Roger Winslet and mother Sally Winslet, at Berkshire, England. She has two Sisters and a Brother. At an Early age, Kate Started Studying and Taking Interest in Drama. She Went to the Redroofs Theatre School in Berkshire. When she was 12, she Appeared in an Advertisement for Sugar Puffs cereal.
Roger Winslet Sally Bridges-Winslet and Kate Winslet British Academy Film Awards 2009
 Kate Still thinks of Leonardo as the most handsome co-actor
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Kate Winslet's Career

Kate Winslet's First Movie Role Came in 1992, Where she Played Juliet Hulme in the Movie Heavenly Creatures. Kate played a Teenager in the Movie who Assists a Murder. The Movie was Critically Acclaimed and got a Nomination under Best Original Screenplay Category at the Academy awards. Kate did theatre role in between movies. She bagged her Second film 'Sense and Sensibility', a year later. The movie was a film adaptation of Jane Austen's Novel of the same name. Kate's performance in the movie was highly Praised and won her many awards Including Screen Actors Guild Award and BAFTA. She was also Nominated for Academy and Golden Globe awards. Later in 1996, Kate won another Empire award for her role in Hamlet's film adaptation.
Kate Winslet as Juliet Hulme

Kate Winslet -Titanic

Director James Cameroon Started Pre-Production for his much Anticipated Movie 'Titanic', in 1996. When Actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Claire Danes Turned Down the lead Role of Rose, Kate Winslet Persuaded James Cameroon to Pass the Role to her. Even After Taking an Auditioning test, James was not Convinced of Casting Kate into the Movie but Kate kept Pushing him Until James Finally Agreed to let her Play Rose Bukater.
Kate Elizabeth My Heart Will Go On from Titanic

Kate Winslet's Highest Grossing First Film

In the "Titanic" Movie Kate Winslet Plays the role of a 17 year old Girl from Elite Class. She was Being Forced into a Marriage with 30 year Old Millionaire, who would help Rose's mother to fix her Debts. Kate is the love-interest of Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCarpio), an Orphan and a Wanderer. The two are on a ship RMS Titanic, along with 1000 Other Passengers. The Ship hits an Iceberg and Drowns. Jack Manages to keep Rose Alive. The Movie went on to Become the highest Grossing movie of all time and Remained so until James Cameroon's Another Movie 'Avatar' Surpassed it. As of Third Quarter of 2017, the Movie has Grossed '2.187' Billion Dollars.
Director James Cameroon cast Rose Alive

Kate Winslet's Later Career

Kate Winslet starred in a drama film 'Hideous Kinky', before the release of 'Titanic'. The movie is based on a novel by Esther Freud. In the movie Kate plays a mother of two, who moves to Morocco, in order to start a new life
In 2007, she got to work again with actor Leonardo DiCarpio in the movie 'Revolutionary Road'. It was directed by Kate's then Husband Sam Mendes. Kate was awarded Golden Globe Award under Best Actress category for her performance in the movie
In late 2008, Kate Winslet starred in a romantic drama 'The Reader'. Kate Played a former Nazi concentration camp guard who is testified against by her own lover. Her Performance won many accolades including the Best Actress award at Oscars, BAFTA and Best Supporting actress award at Screen Actors Guild Awards and Golden Globe Awards.
Kate Winslet-'The Reader'-59th Berlin Film Festival Photocall

Oscar winner Kate Winslet

In 2001, Kate Winslet did espionage Thriller film Enigma, which is based on true accounts of actual events during World War 2. Kate did a fantasy drama film 'Finding Neverland' along with Johnny Depp in 2004. The film was nominated at Oscars under various categories and managed to win one award for its music. In 2006, she played a bored wife in American drama film 'Little Children'. Her performance was appreciated and won a nomination under Best Actress category. She thus became the youngest actress ever to garner 5 Oscar nominations. The film grossed almost 205 million dollars and was Kate's highest grossing film in 9 years.
Kate Winslet Best Actress Oscar winner

Kate Winslet Personal Life

Kate Winslet married Ned Rocknroll, an employee at Virgin Galactic, in 2012. Kate is the mother of 3 children.
Kate Winslet,Ned Rocknroll her Children

Kate Winslet Novel Based Films

Kate Winslet seems to have an Attachment with Novel Adaptations. She Featured in the HBO mini-series 'Mildred Pierce' Based on James M. Cain's novel of the Same Name. On the Same lines in 2013, she appeared in another novel adaptation 'Labor Day'. Then in 2014, she Played a dark character in dystopian science Fiction Action film Divergent. The movie was not so well Received by the critics but audience seemed to take liking of it. The movie went on to make around 290 million dollars Worldwide. Kate later Starred in the Sequel 'The Divergent Series: Insurgent', as well. In 2015, she Played the Role of Joanna Hoffman, one of the Original members of the Apple Team, in the movie 'Steve Jobs'. Her Last Movie of 2017 was a Romance-Disaster Film 'The Mountain Between Us'.
Kate Winslet Movie based on Novel
Awards and Nominations:
➯ Kate Winslet was Nominated 7 times for Oscar Awards, out of which she Won the Best Actress award for the Movie 'The Reader'SS
➯ Kate Winslet has been Nominated 8 times at the British Academy Film Awards and won Three Awards for Sense and Sensibility, The Reader and Steve Jobs
➯ Kate Winslet has Won 4 Golden Globe awards for following Movies: The Reader, Revolutionary Road, Mildred Pierce and Steve Jobs, along with Several Nominations
➯ Kate Winslet has Won a Grammy for the Album 'Listen to The Storyteller' Under Best Spoken Word Album for Children Category
➯ Kate Winslet Received five Nominations for her Movie Little Children, Thereby Surpassing the Record of Bette Davis of Youngest actor to do so.
Kate Winslet Trivia:
➯ Kate Elizabeth Winslet is an English Actress
➯ Kate Winslet's Father John Roger Winslet was a Swimming Pool contractor
➯ Kate Winslet has Three Other Siblings
➯ Kate Winslet Appeared in an Advertisement for Sugar Puffs Cereal, when she was 12
➯ Kate Winslet's First movie Heavenly Creatures Released in 1992
➯ Kate Winslet Played the role of Rose Bukater in the Famous movie Titanic
➯ Kate Winslet Received Academy Award for her Performance in 'The Reader'
➯ Kate Winslet did another film 'Revolutionary Road' with Actor Leonardo DiCarpio
➯ Kate Winslet has Worked in a Few Television Series as Well
➯ In 2017, Kate Winslet Worked with Idris Alba.
Kate Winslet Personal Quotess:
➯ "This is Going to Sound really Weird, but I Never had a Desire to be Famous. I never had huge Ambitions-Never"
➯ "You know why I Fear People's Judgment? Because I know They're Judging. I Know They are"
➯ "I'm Not Classically Trained. I didn't Come From the Fancy Home, No."
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