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The Ages Long Battle Between Designers And Clients

Designers And Clients have always been on the opposite ends of the line. This problematic relationship between the two has been there for time memorable. Clients want something to be done in a certain way and when the developer does it, the client would want something else. Designers and Clients have been blaming each other and finding faults and some funny images have surfaced from the fight.

Those "client" colors are hideous.


The Client Side: "Copyright Infringement" !

It's Called Vectors, not Text Tool !

What? Do clients pay you?

Clients and Designers have not the Same Goals !

Will you hit the yellow or the red button?

Photoshop Vs Microsoft word !

The "Magic" of Photoshop !

Optimism vs Pessimism !

Designer: Left or Right alignment Client: Justify !

Clients Vs Designers !

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