Animals that Exhibit Human Behavioral Traits

# Gorilla
gorilla little debbie
NMP Photography/Thinkstock
The way that they communicate is one reason that these great apes are closer to humans than we think. Watch them use their posture, facial expressions and sounds to get their points across and you will think you are in crowded restaurant in the Big Apple
# Chimpanzee
chimpanzee little debbie
These mammals that are the closet to human also use their bodies to communicate. Some chimps have even mastered the art of sign language, so they can really tell us what's on their mind.
# Sloth
sloth little debbie
Lying around all day doing pretty much nothing is what makes this lazy mammal happy. We know a few Sunday afternoon football-watching couch potatoes and teenagers who would agree with this mantra
# Tamarin
tamarin little debbie
When it comes time to breaking bread, these endangered monkeys share food among each other in a group family style. Sometimes, we eat the same way, except it's called "family style" in Chinese and Italian restaurants
# Flamingo
flamingo little debbie
Andy Dean/Veer
When you think these tropical birds, you think of one word: beautiful. Their plumage makes them so gorgeous, you can put them on the cover of Vogue with celebrities, supermodels and the other "beautiful ones"
# Robin
robin little debbie
Their bright red colors aren't the only feature that puts them on this list. It's their sweet sounds they make that can gladly match melodic voices with any human songbird – Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston or Barbara Streisand
# Atlantic Bottlenosed Dolphin
atlantic bottlenosed dolphin
Their need to be among the crowd is what's tremendously important to this mammal. They are a social bunch who likes to swim together as a family
# Howler Monkey
howler monkey little debbies
As one of the loudest animals in the wild kingdom, they're like your loud cousin who you dread taking anywhere out in public. And don't even think about shushing them. That will only make the volume go up louder
# Panda
panda little debbies
Call them cute and cuddly, but don't call them rude eaters. They pride themselves on following the rules of etiquette by eating sitting up holding their foods in their hands
# Purple Finch
purple finch little debbie
Steve By Land/Veer
Like many women we know, the female purple finch takes extreme pride and great care in making her "nest" a home. No detail is spared and she takes days building the family next out of sticks and twigs
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