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Lucy - Earlier An Adopted Dog, Now A Family Member

When Lucy was adopted from a Dog Shelter, she was weak, nervous and struggling to deal with parvovirus. This 4 month old Puppy was taken into a small family with a little girl Mia to accompany her. Lucy's life has transformed from living in a cage to having her own soft bed, from eating leftovers to having fresh supper. Mia was very kind to her and carried her everywhere, even to her bed. It is hard to believe how a dog from the street has become a part of a family. Now Lucy is very happy and is the source of happiness for many others.
Lucy Resting on Floor

Lucy Likes to Share Bed With Mia

Lucy Aspires to Become a Keyboard Player Some Day

Mia Likes to Dress-up Lucy

Lucy is Allowed To Play With Mia's Toys

Lucy Often Helps Mia With Digging and Finding Things

Mia Giving Lucy a Bubbly Bath

Lucy's Birthday is celebrated with Joy

Lucy is Allowed to Roam Freely around Kitchen

Lucy is Now a Happy Dog and Loves her New Family

Image and Content Source: BoredPanda
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