A 59 Year Old Chimpanzee, Unable to Eat or Drink and Taking her Last Breath, Still Remembers her Caretaker and Old Friend.

When Mama's old friend Professor Jan van Hooff heard of her ill-health, he visited her and paid his last respects
Old Friends Meet on Deathbed
 59 Years Old Mama Chimpanzee
They had known each other since 1972 and they shared a deep bond

Chimpanzee is sick and unable to eat

Mama refused to eat or drink anything, but when she saw the her old friend, she was elated and ran her hands all over Professor's head
Watch Video to see the amazing bond between animals(chimpanzee) and humans

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Remembering Old Days

When the two met, it was like they were communicating with gestures.

A Moment of Bliss

weak and seemingly ill chimpanzee accepted the greetings of her old friend Professor Jan van Hooff

Sometimes Words Aren't Enough

When she does though, the emotions are clear for all to see

Then She Ate Some

Chimpanzee and CareTaker known each other since 1972
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