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Incredible Then & Now Photos Of Everlasting Friendships

There is no doubt friendship is one of the most precious gifts of life. Some friends come and go, but sometimes we are lucky enough to stick together with a special someone for a lifetime.
#91 Crystal And I Have Been Besties For 12 Years. Our Relationship Is One Of The Most Important Relationships In My Life
Crazy Friends
#92 My Then Boyfriend And I At Our 8th Grade Dance, Now My Best Friend At My Senior Prom
Sweet Buddy
#93 Friends Since Birth
 Friends Since Birth
#94 Best Friends Then, Best Friends Now
 Best Friends
#95 Just Yesterday. Or Maybe 50 Years Ago
Sweet Friends
#96 40yrs Of Friendship. Pictures 10yrs Apart
Still Best Friends
#97 Sister And Niece. Throughout The Years. Bff Together Forever
Sister And Niece
#98 Best Bros Since Birth. 30+ Years And Counting
Sweet Image
#99 30 Years Of Friendship
Old Friendship
#100 Still Going Strong
Still Going Strong
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