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Incredible Then & Now Photos Of Everlasting Friendships

There is no doubt friendship is one of the most precious gifts of life. Some friends come and go, but sometimes we are lucky enough to stick together with a special someone for a lifetime.
#81 My Friend & I In 9th Grade / The Day Before We Moved To College
Best Buddy
#82 A Decade Of Friendship
A Decade Of Friendship
#83 Forever Friends - Me And Gin Then And Now
Forever Friends
#84 Till Friends, Then And Now
#85 31/05/2010 And 27/05/2017 I Think Weve Aged Beautifully
Sweet Friends
#86 Andi And I Have Been Best Friends Since High School — Which Is Now Over 25 Years Ago. We Love Each Other Without Conditions, Without Expectations And With A Great Abundance Of Laughter
Best Friends
#87 We First Met When We Were 9 And 10 Years Old On The Fast-pitch Softball Field. If I Had To Explain Why Our Friendship Has Lasted 13 Years, I Would Say It’s Because We Pride Ourselves In Always Displaying Two Qualities: Honesty And Compassion
Silly Girls
#88 We Are Both 27 Years Old And Met In Second Grade When We Were 8. We Have Experienced First Kisses, First Breakups, Relationships, Rejection, Graduations, First Real Jobs And So Many Important Life Events Together
Good Friends
#89 Besties For 20 Years
Besties For 20 Years
#90 Best Friends For 17 Years
Best Friends For 17 Years
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