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How many Hours Most Successful People hardly Sleep

Sleep deprivation is no joke,However, many top executives and leaders seem to swear by skimping on shut Eye.Some of them might be part of the “sleepless elite.” Others are probably just good at masking the effects of exhaustion.
Twitter cofounder and CEO and Square CEO and founder Jack Dorsey sleeps four to six hours a night
 Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey

British Prime Minister Theresa May sleeps for five or six hours a night

PepsiCo Chairperson and CEO Indra Nooyi gets four hours of shut eye each night

Fashion designer and director Tom Ford sleeps three hours a night

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gets by on four hours of sleep

Helena Morrissey, head of personal investing at Legal & General Investment Management, sleeps for five to six hours

Julie Smolyansky, CEO of Lifeway Foods, gets four hours of sleep

President Donald Trump gets three to four hours of sleep a night

Martha Stewart, founder of Martha Stewart Omnimedia, sleeps less than four hours a night

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, usually sleeps five to six hours

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong sleeps six hours

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