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Pictures That Prove Pets Actually Steal Partners of Owners

People can get too fond of their pets, even make them sleep with them. The vice-versa seems to be true sometimes. Pets are seen becoming increasingly insecure about their owners with time, even when their owners are around their partners. Find out in these pictures, how jealousy plays with animals
Dinner For Two. My Girlfriend's Been Out Of The Country For A Little Too Long
 Girlfriend Took This Photo
My Big Baby Of A Dog Cuddling With My Boyfriend
Image Source: Amanduhasballs
The Way My Girlfriend's Dog Looks At Me Melts My Heart
Our Dog Got A Little Jealous Of The Kiss Scene In Our Engagement Photos
Image Source: Sunshine_InA_Bag
Trying To Enjoy My Coffee And Cuddles With Boyfriend, Dog Starts Nudging And Yipping Until I Move. Immediately Takes My Spot And Gives Me This Look
Image Source:HellaClassy
My Cat Has A Habit Of Sleeping On My Boyfriend's Face In The Middle Of The Night. This Is What I Wake Up To Every Morning
Image Source: vloss
My Friends Dog Is Jealous Of His Girlfriend
Image Source: sombrabrz
When My Girlfriend First Got Her Dog He Was Scared Of Me. I Think He Is Starting To Like Me Now
Image Source: Veritas1123
My Girlfriend Took This Photo Of Me And My Jealous Bitch Of A Dog
Image Source: jordendsampson
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