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Times Dogs Tried To Bend Human Rules, And It Was Hilariously Adorable

Never underestimate how clever dogs can be. Especially when their owner sets rules for them...
# 21 I Leave My Daughter In The Car Seat While I Shower So I Can Keep An Eye On Her. My Corgi Still Loves Her But We Don't Allow Him In The Bathroom
   Hidden Dog
# 22 My Dog Knows She's Not Allowed On The Couch
# 23 This Is How My Dog Lays When We Eat Since He's Not Allowed In The Kitchen. So Polite
#24 Not Allowed On The Couch? No Problem
# 25 My Dog's Solution To Not Being Allowed In The Kitchen When We Are Cooking
# 26 But... My Paws Are Still On The Ground
# 27 New Baby On The Way. I Was In The Nursery Setting Up. Dogs Not Allowed In Bedrooms... However A Few Paws Don't Bother Me Much
# 28 He's Not Allowed On The Couch.. But He Seems To Think This Is Acceptable
# 29 She's Not Allowed To Sit On The Sofa So She Just Leans On It Like This. She's Been Like That For 5 Minutes
# 30 They Are Not Allowed To Watch Somebody Who Is Eating, So They Just Stare To Each Other
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