Twin Girls Share Secret Handshake

It is believed that Twins share a special bond, one apart from sharing the same womb and coming to the world together, well almost. It is difficult to tell what synchronizes their actions and habits, what holds them close and how they manage to understand each other so well. Some researchers believe it is their DNA that plays within, some believe it is the fondness of each other.These traits are clearly visible in this video, where two twin sisters are seen sharing a close bond. At the start of the video, the sisters gently share a kiss and then they began to shake hands in an adorable manner. It looks as if they have choreographed each move and practised several times but it could simply be the twin-DNA that they share. Their mother notices their actions and captures in on a camera. The sisters get along so well, it is easy to predict they would be inseperable even when they grow up.
sweet sister

Twins Share a Special Bond

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Secret Handshake!

Video Source: Youtube