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The Secret World Of Cats

People love cats and they think all cats do is purr and sit in lap or probably jump around but there's more to the story. Ever wonder, where do your Cats mysteriously disappear and then suddenly appear from nowhere. You must have caught them secretely staring at you from a distance. People say that Cats can see things normal being cannot see, well, isn't that what illusion is. Lets find out what Secret Cat World looks like.

Mysterious Things All Around

Cats have the rule of Touch and Observe. If there is something unfamiliar, it is to be thoroughly checked in order to make sure its not a threat. The process involves lots of paw attacks.

 Cat Using Its Paw

A Pair of Eyes Always Watching You

People have noticed that Cats sit in the dark, behind the couch and on the kitchen shelf, with only their eyes showing. They sit and stare at you, long enough to scare the owner.

Agent Black Cat

People Have Every Reason to Fear Cats, because they look like they are secretely planning something, keeping an eye on you, passing messages to unknown.

Behind Secret Curtains

Cats Often Disappear Behind Doors, Windows and Curtains and then appear suddenly from under the Bed and jump from the ceiling.

The High Paw

The Usual High-Fives could raise concern if they are secretely trying to get finger prints

The Invisible Door

Cats Are Often Seen Scratching On Secret Doors and Walls and vigorously Paw-ing at it. Owners Beware

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