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Funny and innovative Commercial Gangster Cats

This funny and innovative commercial by the Malay Interior designing firm COTTO STUDIO is a pioneering example of how services can be sold without much promotion. It is world-known phenomenon that Cats are not too fond of water. The retrospective video shows a gang of Kitties who are planning to revolt against the bath-time atrocities forced upon them by the owners, from time to time. Leader of the cat-mob encourages the cats with his inspiring speech and the gang moves to take some action. When they open the door of the bathroom, they are dumbstruck by the remodeled bathroom. The bathroom has been done so beautifully that the cats decide to drop the idea of revolt and enjoy the bathroom instead.
Gangster Cats

Ohh No.....Trouble's Coming!

alone cat

Wow.....A New Bathroom!

Panic of cats

Grumpy Cat!

grumpy cat
Watch : The Funniest Thing

Blushing Cat

blushing cat

Ohh kitty It's Time for a Bath!

cat with girl

Scare of Bath!

cat on bathTab

Friends Forever!

cat friends

Lil Cat inside Corner!

cat inside  box


cat gang leader

Cats in Cotto Studio

cat gang in the cotto studio

Missing You Mumma!

Cat in bucket
cat in water basin

Climbing Cat

cute kitten

Gang of Cats!

gang of cat

Hidden Cat!

hidden cat
Little cat


sweet kitten
thirsty cat
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