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Smart Parenting Tips for Easy Life

# 1. Keep Your Toddler Busy By Letting Them Paint The Fence With Water. "Here, help me stain this fence"
Toddler Busy By Paint
# 2. Use Cardboard To Stop Car Fighting
Stop Car Fighting
# 3. Hide Your Candies In Frozen Beans Bag
Frozen Beans Bag
# 4. Use Butcher Paper To Create An Endless "White Board"
White Board
# 5. Use A Fitted Sheet To Keep The Sand Out At The Beach
Fitted Sheet To Keep
# 6. Recycle Old Cot Into A Craft Or Work Spot For Your Kids
Old Cot Craft Or Work
# 7. Put Stickers On Your Kid's Shoes To Teach Them To Put Them On The Right Feet
Kids Shoes To Teach
# 8. Put A Bean Filled Glove On Your Baby's Back When You Want Your Kids To Feel Loved, But You're Too Tired
Kids To Feel Loved
# 9. Use A Plastic Egg To Keep Unfinished Lollipop Clean
Lollipop Clean
# 10. Leave Your Kids With Their Creativity In The Empty Box
Leave Your Kids empty box
# 11. Turn a Coffee Cup Lid Into A Drip Catcher
Coffee Cup Lid
# 12. Keep A Door Open With Rubber Bands To Protect Your Kids From Getting Locked In The Bathroom
Open With Rubber Bands
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