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Top Most Powerful Kicks and Punches of Animals Of All Time In The Wolrd's

No matter the size, some animals and even insects are known to be the best at blowing punches and kicks. The agility and power of these kicks and punches could amaze a professional boxer of martial artist. Following are some of such fighters from around the world.
The King of the Aussies
 reigning champions are Kangaroos
When it comes to boxing, the reigning champions are Kangaroos. They can jump, kick and blow hard punches like an ultimate fighter. Some Kangaroos are known to have played professional boxing matches with real man and fought well.

Don't Cross The (Zebra) Line

Zebras are known for their stripes and for their donkey-style kicks. Lions in Africa are fond of Zebra meat but they take care while attacking zebras from behind as a powerful kick could leave a lion toothless.

Bunny Boxer

We are sure you love those soft and cuddly rabbits who seem so helpless against predators, but little you knew, they could fight...well among themselves. Male Hares and sometimes females are known to pick fights during mating season and blow punches with their paws.

The Secretary

Secretarybirds are fond of eating venomous snakes and they tend to deliver blows onto snakes' heads. They have long and powerful legs which help them capture snakes and then kill them with single blows sometimes.

Kung-Fu Mantis

Remember Mantis from that Panda movie? Well, you may have made fun of its size and the decision to include an insect in the 'furious five' but you will be amazed to know that Mantis Shrimp delivers one of the fastest blows in the world and the the impact is so hard that it creates raptures in water. It uses its powerful punches to kill its prey. It is known to have cracked the glass of aquarium with a single hit.

The Foul 'Trap'

Trapjaw Ants are known for their powerful jaws and are known to box one another with their antennae. The antennae fight is so fast that when some researches filmed it with a slow camera, they saw an ant hit with a rate of 40 blows in a second, which is astonishingly fast.
Content Source: bbc
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