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Panoramic Photos that are out of World

Every day, thousands of professional-looking panoramic photos are taken that offer incredible and captivating views of the world around us. But sometimes, when an ordinary camera or smartphone can’t quite manage to capture the scene properly, or just when random things comes into play, we get unimaginable results with this particular kind of shot
# New species discovered
new species
panoramic fails
dog flying
# Giant centipedes and other mutant creatures
Neuspele panoramsk
panoramic photo
panoramic world
panorama 5
# Weird cars
car weird
Unknown author
Unknown author
cars van
# Disappearing people
Disappearing people
Disappearing people1
# Wonderful transformation, isn’t it?
park man
panoramicas pessoas mutantes
panoramicas pessoas mutantes 6
# Additional hands — I really need them sometimes!
Additional hands
panoramique fail 1
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