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Aliens coming to Earth, flying in UFOs and abducting humans has long been our usual fantasy. People have been recreating imaginary images of Aliens for very long time. Some images show aliens with multiple limbs and eyes, some show them having wings and big teeth and sometimes cute little pet-like aliens. Here are some of the funny recreations. Look ! There's a UFO !.. just Kidding

Alien King and The Side-kick

This animated alien is probably planning to attack earth and take all its residents as Slave.

 Animated Alien

Worst Costume Winner

This Alien seems quite disturbed with the costume he/she was provided. It is actually very bad.

Run He Is Coming

That's a huge monster alien trying to catch Humans in a Butterfly-net. Maybe he will put them on Flowers.

Funny Transformers

These New Age Transformers May Not Be Able to Conquer Earth but will sure amuse us.

Awwww...what happened

Now That's One's Cute, Look at its big puppy-eyes

Alien Victory

Maybe He's Won Some Election At Mars

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