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Dogs In Action

Dogs generally don't like to sit idle, except when they are upset. They run, jump, fetch (of course) and roll. Dogs like challenges and they take them very seriously.

Go Fetch

Its a World-Known Fact That Dogs Like to play Fetch and it gives them immense pleasure to bring back thrown items, sometimes unwanted ones too.

 Dog Running

Run Like The Wind

Either Another Dog is Chasing It or It Needs to Use The Bathroom

Ball Ball.. Oh Boy A Ball

Dogs Love To Play With Balls...and later Tear them in pieces

Taking Caution

Dog are not known to do good on slippery surfaces.

The Swimmer

Dogs are good swimmers. Some dogs are even trained to rescue people from drowning. What if someone is trying to escape a ferocious dog and it jumps in the water...mmm...lets not picture that.

Untill The Last Breath

When You See Such A Dog Chasing You, with those expressions, Play Dead....That Will Help..........The Dog

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