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Ants Eating Junk and Human Food

Ants are Hard Working Insects and too much work could result in sharp drop in Sugar Levels and energy. What Could be better than some fast junk food to replenish the lost energy. As more and more human settlements are coming up, colonies of ants and humans are almost co-existing and this co-existence has resulted in adapting to each others habits, which includes food items as well. Ants are growing fond of human food by every passing day.

Cheese-Puff Under Attack

Poor Cheese puff thought it could get away..but ..

 Ants Eating Cheese puff

Pink Is Their New Favourite

Whatever form it may take, Sugar Cannot escape the mighty jaw of Ants

Is That Bubble Gum

If That Actually Is Bubble Gum, That Will Be the Last Thing These Ants Ever Ate

Watery Surprise

Though Watermelon is healthy, it is very unlikely of Ants to Eat something so watery

They Peeled, They Ate

Ants indeed are hard working and when humans have gone all lazy by not eating their fruits and simply extracting the juice, Ants have stuck to the old school method of peeling and eating

For A Change

Caution: If You Eat too much Junk food, you need to stay away from Ants

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