Tiny Baby Walks Up To Giant Dog.

First acquaintance
 new born baby playing with pets
Families with new-born babies are often skeptical about the adjustments they may have to make with the existing pets and they often have to abandon their pets, when the pet fails to acknowledge the arrival of a new member. But this image below shows another picture, a baby adorably is seen warmingly received by the huge but sweet dog.

The Leaning Back of Sydney

This calm dog is named Sydney and seems to understand that the kid means no harm. As the kid reaches up to the dog and pets him, the dog is seen calmly looking straight out with no worries. He lets the infant lean against its back.
Watch Video of a small Kid and petting and leaning on a Dog
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The Calm Giant

Sydney seems like a lovable pet who understands the warmth of family and accepts this new member comfortably. The kid could count on Sydney when he grows up. It is difficult to understand how pets, dogs in particular, seem to diffentiate between infants and adults and behave accordingly. Chances of a grown would to walk up to a huge dog and lean against it, are thin.

Lovely Remembrance

This video of special bond shared between a pet and new-born and the trust that families put in their pets is a reminder of the unique relationship that men and animals share to this date.
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