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15 inspirational images that will convince you to make the world a better place

# A Little girl Wipes Away the Tears of a man on TV

girl wipes
It’s Easy Enough to Bemoan our Fate and be Saddened by the Injustices of this World. It takes much more Effort to see the Good in people, to Carry out Good Deeds, and to Show Others the Right Path Through your Example. But Even the Smallest ray of Light can do so Much to Inspire People

They got acquainted at the airport and decided to give each other a hug


A fireman puts an oxygen mask on a kitten that’s just been saved from a burning building

A marine runs alongside a boy who fell behind his group in a marathon

An 84-year-old lady was embarrassed to walk around a hospital in her nightgown, so her grandson put one on as well in support
The employees of a cleaning company put on superhero costumes to cheer up kids in the hospital

Once a week, this guy offers free haircuts to homeless people


Some surfers help a baby whale after it got lost


A Young Boar got Stuck in a Fence, and the whole Family Turned up to See him set Free


A Man gets help Learning to Put on his Tie


Someone Worked out how to Feed several Puppies at the Same Time


Two men save a drowning lamb

People band Together to push Against a Train to help a Woman who got Stuck Between the Platform and the Train

These guys took the time to give a drink to a dehydrated koala

And finally: Just a Child Hugging his Best Friend

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