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Examples Of Things Being Worn Down Over Time

This thing all things devours Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel Grinds hard stones to meal Slays king, ruins town, And beats high mountain down.

My Dads Cat Has Been Scratching The Same Leg Of This Bench For The Past Decade

 Scratching The Same Leg  Image Source: VitaminTHC420

This Whole Brick Wall Which Has Been Shaped By The Sea

Centuries Of Use (La Meauffe, Manche, France)

Image Source: 20WaysToEatASandwich .

In 1995, My Great-Aunt Gave Me A Stuffed Cat. It Was My Absolute Favorite, And Slept With Me Every Night Through My Childhood. When She Passed, We Found Out She Had Bought An Identical Cat And Kept It In Pristine Condition For Two Decades. The Years Of Love Certainly Left Their Mark

Image Source: Connguy Report

Six Months Of Buildup In A Pipe Used For A Mineral Pool Spa

Image Source: GhostalMedia

Mother Tombstone In The Old Burying Ground, Wakefield, Ma. Love How The Tree Is Now Hugging Her

Trinity Abbey In My Home Town, Mid-Cleaning

Image Source: emissaryofwinds Report

A Boy Who Gone To War In 1914 And Never Came Back Home Left His Bicycle Chained To A Tree #7 A Boy Who Gone To War In 1914 And Never Came Back Home Left His Bicycle Chained To A Tree

Image Source:

Picture Of The Same Woman Before And After 48 Years

Image Source: Bobby Neel Adams Content Source: share on :        :  

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