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Holy Pagodas and Temples of Myanmar

Myanmar is a Land Lost in Time. Not much is known about the life and culture in Myanmar, it is however famous for its Buddhist Temples. Almost all of the population in Myanmar practises Buddhism. People come in large numbers to witness the outlandish culture and seek peace.
 Kyauk Kalap


This port city in southern Myanmar was once the capital of the ancient Mon kingdom. The city is known for its Shwethalyaung, a giant reclining statue of Buddha that measures approximately 181 feet long.


Every fall ceremonial boats carry visitors over Inle Lake, where the Phaung Daw Oo pagoda is perched on the shore. The shrine houses several gold Buddha statues, which are ferried across the lake on a replica of a royal barge during the Phaung Daw Oo festival. Hundreds of boats join the procession and large crowds watch from the shore.


In the midst of Hpa An’s lush mountains, a large natural cavern is carved into the landscape. The darkened cave contains dozens of Buddha statues, pagodas, and wall carvings.


ust north of Nyaungshwe, the Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung monastery is a stark contrast to the golden stupas of Yangon. The temple is distinguished for its teak wood frame, unusual oval windows, and a small temple that holds scores of intricately carved Buddha statues ensconced in the walls.


Several tons of gold leaf and thousands of diamonds and precious stones blanket Yangon’s glittering Shwedagon Pagoda, one of Myanmar’s most sacred Buddhist sites. The massive golden stupa, believed to hold relics of former Buddhas, flares to life under the light of the rising and setting sun


The Thadingyut Festival, or Lighting Festival, is held during the seventh month of the Burmese lunar calendar over three days during the full moon, marking the end of the Buddhist period of Lent. Throughout the country, hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights illuminate pagodas and shrines, and people celebrate with light shows, music, and food. The festival dates vary from year to year, but it typically takes place in October.
Content Source: nationalgeographic
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