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The Saddest Cat in the World

The Saddest Cat in the World that Tells Everything Through Sadness

A Portrait of Sadness

A Portrait of Sadness

Alone again

Alone cat

"I'm ready for my close up"

close up

Family portrait

Family portrait

So incredibly hungry

hungry cat

"Raining again"

Raining again

When it's Sunday and you remember that tomorrow is Monday

sad cat

Who put that there?

sad kitten

"Not the bag! Not again!"

sad sibling

When your owner keeps trying to wash you

saddest cat

Puss-in-boots reincarnated

saddest kitten

"What do you want?"


*Watches The Notebook once*

scary cat

When someone asks me to smile for a picture

sad kitten

So... Tired...

so Tire

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