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Best Shots of Animals taken in 2017

Animal Kingdom is a different world altogether. Its a world without rules, or maybe just one rule 'Survival of the Fittest'. Some photographers manage to reach out to these animals in their natural habitat and capture some moments from their lives. These exceptional pictures taken in 2017 show a wide range of animals dealing with their daily routine.

It’s feeding time for hungry orphans at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in northern Kenya. Established last year, the refuge is staffed by local Samburus, whose goal is to return their young charges to the wild.

Had Fossey not so fiercely protected the gorillas and their habitat, these apes, resting on the highelevation slopes of Mount Karisimbi, probably wouldn’t exist today. But her methods earned her the enmity of many locals.

Hippos, abundant in the delta and in the rivers that feed it, graze by night on land and rest by day in water

Hummingbirds often brave downpours to gather the nectar needed to avoid starvation. This Anna’s hummingbird shakes off rain as a wet dog does, with an oscillation of its head and body

A crested black macaque hangs out beachside in a nature reserve on Sulawesi. In studying these intriguing monkeys, known locally as yaki, scientists are learning how their social structure illuminates human behavior.

A leatherback sea turtle leaves the beach where she laid her eggs at Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge

Content Source: nationalgeographic
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