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Innocent Baby

As we all know Babies are always so Cute.There are no Words to describe Their cuteness.Children are blessing of God,Every Family is incomplete without Babies. Having a baby one of the most beautiful and Magical moments in your Life.A Baby has a Special Way of adding joy in every single day.A newborn Baby's are not able to Speak but They Tell everything through their cuteness.
 sweet baby girl

Spoon-Feeding Increases the Taste of Food

Kindly Buy Me Some Clothes, I Will Not Wrap Leaves Around Me

This Blanket Is Super Soft

Those Are My Nappies Getting Dry

I Would Love To Take A Bath, But Sadly I Still Need To Learn To Walk

I One I Will Grow Up and ...Buy My Own Chocolates

Sleep Like There's No Tomorrow

I Am All Dressed Up For A Nap

Do Not Disturb

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