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Best iPhone Photography of 2017 Have Been Just Announced, And They Will Blow Your Mind

If you're still one of those people who thinks you need a fancy camera to take breath-taking pictures, think again. Iphone photography award winners of 2017 were just announced, proving once again that a phone camera is more than enough to capture world-class, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring images
# 31 Joseph-cyr From Tucson Az, United States, 3rd Place, Nature

“Coming down from an after-work trail run on a ridge above a canyon in the Santa Catalina Mountains, this grouping of saguaros caught my eye. Iconic, perhaps cliché, these giant cacti, but I never tire of running among these living columns that can live for more than two centuries and weigh a couple tons. The slant of light on winter evenings adds such a contemplative flavor to the desert. It’s good to be reminded of our own brevity.”

# 32 Thea Mihu From Sibiu, Romania, 2nd Place, News/Events
Thea Mihu

Shot on February 4th, 2017 during anti-corruption protests in Romania, the largest protest since the fall of communism, where thousands of people protest creatively against Romanian government.

#33 Nick Trombola From Pittsburgh, Pa Usa, 1st Place, Lifestyle
Nick Trombola

“I went on a ski trip to Telluride, Colorado last winter with some friends. On the second morning we were already outside before the trails even opened for the day, so we were one of the first groups on the lift. The snow was perfectly white and mostly undisturbed because the only people who were on the Mountain before us were locals who had houses higher than our hotel. On our way up we passed over a group of three skiers, and I thought that they contrasted so well against the snow and our skis in the foreground that I quickly dug my iPhone out of my jacket and took the shot.”

#34 Francesca Tonegutti From Milan, Italy, 1st Place, Animals
Francesca Tonegutti

“The photo is shot after a dressage-clinique at the stable “Cuadra de la luz” in Chiclana de la Frontera , Andalucia, Spain. The horse in the photo is my horse, Yeguizo. He was resting and drying on the sun, looking at me.”

# 35 Christian Horgan From Fremantle, Australia, 1st Place, Landscape
Christian Horgan

“I captured this image in the Margaret River region of Western Australia. It’s my second home, and one of the most spectacular places on earth. This was taken on the coast at Wyadup Rocks, and is called Singing Rock. I was swimming there with family when I was drawn to it by the sound of it’s song as the wind whistled through it, and just had to capture this image.”

#36 Dan Liu From Sichuan, China, 2nd Place, Portrait
Dan Liu

"This photo was taken in October 2016, in a Tajik people’s community in Tashkurghan county, China. Tajik people are an Iranian-speaking ethnic minority in China. This old lady was just back from herding her sheep."

#37 Deena Berton From Weston Ma, United States, 2nd Place, Still Life
Deena Berton
#38 Waldemar Nowak From, Gdańsk, Poland, 3rd Place, Still Life
Waldemar Nowak

“This photo, “Abandoned Chair,” was taken in abandoned resort in Poland – I love to explore abandoned buildings. Everything that surrounds me and brings out emotions to me – is my inspiration. I catch a moment, I’m a thief of frames.”

#39 Lee Jones From Shanghai, China, 3rd Place, Abstract
Lee Jones

I was at an exhibit viewing an art work with light shining through the spider net and most of people were observing the spiders. There was dust flying in front of the net and captured the dancing particles.”

#40 Samuel Nacar From Albacete, Spain, 1st Place, News/Events
Samuel Nacar

Monday 24th of October started the eviction of the biggest migrant camp in Europe named The Jungle, located in northern France only 5 kilometers away from the city of Calais. On Wednesday 26th of October the camp was set on fire and thousands of migrants had to leave, some of them were relocated while others were not. In this photograph you can see thousands of migrants being evicted from the camp due to the many fires.

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