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Mountain Goats are also known as Rocky Mountain Goats and as the name suggests, these animals are good climbers and sure-footed on the slopes as well as edges. This species is normally found in Western flank of North America. There are many sub-species of Mountain goats such as Alpine Ibex, Ram Head Horn, Tryfan, Tyrol and others. Some have lots of fur on their bodies and a every species has different length of Horns.

The Jumper

Mountain Goats do not fear heights and tend to be quite sure-footed. This Little goat did not think twice before taking that leap.

 Goat Jumping

Long Horns of Mountains

Male Alpine Ibex are known to have quite long horns, with curves at the end. While females are easily recognizable by their not so long horns.

Fluffy Mountain Goat

Klahhane goats are found mainly around Rocky Mountains and have sharp horns.

Klahhane Goats of Rocky

Klahhane are also known for their furry outer cover which makes them look like they are wearing woolen jackets.

The Tank Of Mountains

Ram Goats are often mistaken for British Jacobs because both have muscular curved horns, which could make a hole in a wall if hit with full force.

On The Edge

These animals are so fearsome that even the mothers dont worry about their young ones falling down.

Goats on Bridge

That reminds of the story of two goats crossing a narrow bridge at the same time

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