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Amazing Before & After Street Art Transformations

Amazing Before & After Street Art Transformations - There are Artists Out there Who are Determined to Transform Our World into the Vibrant Public Art Gallery that it Deserves to be. Take a Look at these Before and After Pictures of Spectacular Street Art.

 Street Art Transformations

11 La Galerie V, Levallois, France

Image Source: boredpanda

12 Magic Book, Malmo, Sweden

Image Source: nataliarak

13 Abandoned "Lietuva" Movie Theater, Vilnius, Lithuania

Image Source:

14 Bird Mural In Covilha, Portugal

Image Source: woolfest

15 Mural In Montreal, Canada

Image Source: ashop

16 Arthur Rubinstein, Lotz, Poland

Image Source: boredpanda

17 The Ethnicities, World’s Largest Street Mural For The Rio Olympics, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Image Source: nataliarak

18 The Masonic, Bristol, UK

Image Source: paulgreenphotography

19 Okuda, The Universal Chapel, Arkansas, USA

Image Source: boredpanda

20 Baratsagfa, Budapest, Hungary

Image Source: neopaint

Content Source: boredpanda

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